Be fuzz free and refresh your face with our selection of hair removal and facial treatment services. Does your uni need a pruny? Perhaps your peepers need some pampering. Whatever your needs, we’ve got a dozen ways and then some to make you barefaced and beautiful, baby.


Threading + Face Waxing

Be fuzz free! Select between threading or nufree

We’ll wax and thread you just the way, uh-huh, uh-huh you like it, uh-huh, uh-huh. First, we discuss your needs (you know you got ‘em) so that we can create the desired effect. Throughout the process we’ll ensure that you’re content and well-kempt. And when all is said and done, we’ll apply a post-wax treatment and/or perform a gentle massage to make sure you’re camera ready (*wink wink*).

Hollywood Brows
Custom shape, a little pop + pizazz with the perfect shade (to dye for!). Wow brows with our semi-permanent makeup so your Insta ready! (brow shaping + brow tint)


Boom Boom Brow
Take your brows from two thousand and late to two thousand and great.  


Uni Pruny
Because two brows are better than one, trust us.


If your eyes are the windows to your soul then your forehead ought to look just as ethereal, wouldn’t you say?

Upper Whisker Whacker
Pucker-up that pretty pout sans peach fuzz. 

Lower Whisker Whacker
Turn that frown upside down with a smooth, baby-soft lower lip.

Chinny Chin Chin
Shine some light on that five o’clock shadow with hair removal of the chin.

“Them neck hairs look fierce,” said no one ever.

Ain’t nobody got time for those nose hairs.

Sideburn Snip
If your side profile has Elvis impersonators in envy it’s time to banish those burns to oblivion.


Full Face without Brows
Put your best face forward with hair removal from forehead to chin, minus brows. 


Full Face
We’re talking the full shebang – forehead, brows, sideburns, nostrils, lip and chin. Uh-huh honey.


you'll have rosy cheeks when we are done!


Under eye (threading only)
Don't neglect under those peepers.


Full face with PH balance
Full face hair removal + instant glow = a pampering sesh of your dreams.



Facial/Skin Analysis

Putting your best face forward begins with a skin analysis. Before we commence your selfie-worthy facial, we’ll consult with you to determine your skin type so that we can fit you with the treatment best suited to your hide. That’s right, folks, all of our facials are customized for you (that’s you) by your beauty-crazed besties (that’s us!) using nuttin’ but the best products from Alex, Casmara and Phyris.

The Scrub-A-Dub
Ex the mean and get the clean, glowing skin for which your face yearns. Normal skin? We’ll refresh and revitalize your hide. Oily skin? We’ll treat, regulate, normalize and improve its appearance. Yas, girl!


The Luxe
We love gooold, baby, and so should you. 24 karat gold dust slows down collagen and elastin depletion for a more youthful appearance while seaweed extracts and minerals eliminate fatigued skin.


The Big O2
Want smooth and glowing skin? Like a breath of fresh air, the Big O2 is infused with oxygenated vitamins and antioxidants to improve your skin’s elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Oh yes.


You Goji Girl
Powered by goji berries and fused with vitamins and minerals, increase your skin’s natural defenses with this antioxidant-rich facial treatment. The results? Firmer and healthier skin. Take that free radicals. 


Anti-Aging Warrior
Cease and desist crow’s feet and saggy smile lines with this ultimate, anti-aging facial treatment. Vitamin A combats loss of elasticity while the retinol trio counteracts wrinkles and fine lines.


Deep Blue
Concentrated sea water and 100% natural ECOCERT certified marine ingredients make this the first ionsiable facial mask to penetrate deep layers of the skin (it’s paraben and silicon free, too). Talk about sea-ing a more radiant you.


Flip side
Show your back a little love with this pampering facial. Unclog pores, extract impurities and leave skin feeling fresh and hydrated. See ya on the flip side!


Instant glow with PH balance
30 minutes with a custom mask + serum that provides PH balance. Now that's a formula for fab-u-lous.



Signature Treatments

The R&R
Refresh and renew your face with our revitalizing face treatment. Spend 30 minutes on a heated massage chair with a customized mask and serum.  Now that’s a formula for fab-u-lous!


Full face with the R&R
Put your best face forward with full face hair removal from forehead to chin. End with the R&R for a pampering sesh of your dreams.


The Red Carpet Treatment
Shine bright like a diamond with full face hair removal, the R&R and a paraffin hand and feet treatment. Bam, glam, thank you ma’am. 



Eye Treatments + Tinting

Eye Treatment
Keep those peepers poppin' with a peeper pamper eye treatment.


Wow Brows
Enhance your eyebrows with a custom brow tint. That’s right, wow.


Wink Tint
Bat those lashes, gorgeous! Define your eyes with a custom lash tint.


Wow Brows + Wink Tint


Lash application
In the mood for a quickie? False lashes give you your best on-the-go volume, length + curl! Includes lashes + glue.



Eye Essentials

falsies [aka eyelash extensions]
Falsies allows us to make your lashes look naturally thick, voluminous and fuller, while making them look seamless as if they were your own using individual lash hairs. Refills also available.
Time frame: 5 - 8 weeks


glam up lashes [aka lash lift]
Just one 20 minute professional treatment is all it takes to deliver a sumptuous lash lift that is retained, even after a shower or swimming.
Time frame: 6 - 8 weeks


brow magic [aka sleek brow]
Our new, revolutionary Brow Building will allow you create fullness and definition. The result is waterproof and smudgeproof eyebrows that have perfect definition.
Time frame: Approximately 2 - 4 weeks


semi permanent mascara
SPM is a formaldehyde free, hypoallergenic, flexible lash coating with a similar effect to that of mascara, with the staying power unlike any other and is waterproof.
Time frame: 4 - 6 weeks


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3D Embroidery Brows

If your brow game is weak and in need of a tweak, consider 3D Embroidery Brows your heaven-sent. Say goodbye to pencils, powders and pomades once and for all with this state-of-the-art semi-permanent makeup technique that deposits pigments into the skin. Is it eyebrow tattooing? In a sense, but girrrl it’s so much better than that. Unlike the primitive instruments and pigments that were once used, 3D Embroidery Brows offers a range of colours to choose from and all ingredients are D&C (drug and cosmetic) FDA approved. Plus, the results are semi-permanent, meaning that they last two to three years. So if your brows become a bore, 3D Embroidery Brows can easily provide you with a fresh and fleeky look.

Whether you suffer from hair loss and sparseness from over-plucking, chemotherapy or genetics, or you’d simply like to add length, fullness and definition, 3D Embroidery Brows are most definitely for you.

The Process

Before we begin, we’ll consult with you to determine your shape and colour preference. We’ll work with the natural contours and bone structure of your face to create the ideal brow shape. Upon your approval, we’ll carefully select the colour best suited to your skin tone and hair.

Step 1: Your first session will take one hour. Before we begin, we’ll consult with you to determine your ideal brow shape and colour preference. We’ll work with the natural contours and bone structure of your face to create the ideal shape. Next, we’ll carefully select the colour best suited to your skin tone and hair. In fact, we’ll even outline the area for you (we’re cool like that) and, upon your approval, we’ll then begin the procedure. Keep in mind that the face is not symmetrical but, of course, we’ll create as much symmetry as possible (we’re brow artists, after all). We’ll then trace the area and begin to apply the pigment by hand. The results? This will depend on the pigment and your body’s natural healing ability. That’s why a second session is important as it’ll give us the chance to correct irregularities in colour tones.

Step 2: This ‘touch-up’ session will take about 40 minutes, within 30 to 60 days of your first session. During this 30 to 60 day waiting period it’s likely that your 3D Embroidery Brows will have faded as the skin is likely to peel as it heals. Essentially, this second session will ensure that the pigment is as concentrated as possible thereby preventing future fading. This step is equally as important as the first as it’ll allow us to null the dull.

Step 3: Sometimes a third session is needed, within 30 days of your touch-up session. It’s not uncommon for clients to return for a third session (plus, we’ll never grow bored of your pretty face).

To book your consultation, please contact one of our three locations.

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