Covid Protocols

Covid Protocols

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have made a ton of changes to our spas to ensure our clients’ safety. Because we do work closely with our clients, we’ve already had set principles set in place, but we’ve added even more now!


  • We’ve performed a deep clean at all of our salons by professional cleaners!
  • Before and after each and every service, our technicians disinfect all of our surfaces, chairs, and beds.
  • Our technicians sterilize all tools and equipment before and after each use, and anything that cannot be sanitized will be disposed of.
  • Our technicians will always be wearing masks and/or face shields.
  • We now have hand sanitizing stations at the front desk upon entry for anyone who comes in.
  • Our technicians wash + sanitize their hands between every client + services.


  • We always sanitize our beds and change out our disposable gloves, linens, paper and tools.
  • When threading, our technicians no longer use their mouth to hold the thread. 
  • We NEVER will and never have double-dipped when waxing.


  • Our guests must wear a face mask when entering our spaces and must sanitize their hands upon entry.
  • All clients must fill out a COVID questionnaire before every service.
  • If you are feeling symptomatic please reschedule your appointment!
  • Keep a social distance of 6 feet (when possible)!