Full Body Wax

Get stripped and bare it all with our selection of downtown and uptown body waxing services. We'll primp and prune you to perfection. Whether you're looking to shear your sleeves or ladyscape nature's treasury, body hair has met its match.

Downtown Wax Nufree
Bikini $30 $35
Half Brazilian $40 $45
Brazilian $55
Lower Leg $35 $40
Upper Leg $40 $50
Full Legs $60 $75
Buttocks $30
Full Body (Excludes face & Brazilian) $170
Full Body + Brazilian $210


Armpits $25 $30
Half Arms $30 $35
Full Arms $40 $45
Stomach $20 $25
Back $30 $35
Belly Up $15 $20
Upper Half $30


Smooth, extra gentle + gel based (no we're not talking about your dreamboat pool boy). Our wax uses Azulene and Chamomile plant extract, renowned for its skin calming properties + removes hair effectively, gently + quickly.


Soya + Soya Derivatives, thyme oil and benzethonium chloride makes a magnificent ménage à trois in this self-preserving antimicrobial depilatory agent. And because Nufree isn’t a wax, you won’t experience pain or redness typically associated with conventional waxing.

Our Wax Commitment

We love double dipped cones, not double dipped wax! Not to mention, we pride ourselves in practicing the safest, most sterile techniques by only using disposable products. Talk is chic and so are our state of the art rooms! We promise they are squeaky clean.

Chill and get your wax on, baby. We always make sure our customers are relaxed and informed step by step throughout the waxing process. We begin the process by prepping your skin with a pre-wax treatment. Our estheticians always ensure the desired hair is gone and that no sticky residue is left over. Oh yeah, and we never double dip or reuse leftover wax (talk about ick!). To finish you off, we apply a post-wax treatment to replenish and ready your skin for some serious #selfietime lovin’. For our customers, we created a special full-year commitment Bear Club Wax Membership. If waxing is not your favourite we have laser hair removal just for you. Please click here to learn more!


Hair should be at least ¼ long but preferably ½ inch if you can swing it (or grow it, rather). Before your next visit, ensure you’ve allotted at least two weeks between sessions.

If your skin is particularly sensitive, try taking a pain reliever within 30 minutes prior to your waxing sesh to help alleviate discomfort.

If your monthly visitor is in town, keep in mind that she tends to make you a little more sensitive (in more ways than one). Consider scheduling your visit around hers.

Medications can sometimes make your skin more sensitive, too. So if you’re poppin’ pills, let your esthetician know.

We know your post-wax bod can make you want to turn it up, but avoid heat for at least 24 hours after a wax. Sweat can produce bacteria thereby clogging your pores and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Prolong your teeny kini and keep your bits smooth and ingrown hair-free. Ask us how!

Double dip? Nuh-uh, honey. It’s one of the few things we’ll never do.

Preggers? Let us know! If you’re in your third trimester, a doctor’s note is needed.


What is Nufree? Nufree is made of soy derivatives, making it suitable for your skin. It’s different from regular wax because it's painless and more effective!

How long should the hair be? The hair should be at least ½ inch long when waxing.

Can I still get waxing done while using medications? For anyone who uses Accutane, retinol, or any blood thinners, you must inform your esthetician before the waxing appointment.


Finipil: Finipil is applied after hair removal to help shrink the empty hair follicle, keep it clean + prolonging hair regrowth.

Beauty First Exfo (body scrub)]

Pinkini Intimate Wash/Lightening Serum

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