Brow Shaping


Shape those brows to perfection with your choice of threading or waxing!

Our eyebrow shaping service starts with a discussion on brow mapping and how you want your brows to look. Brow shaping varies from client to client, as every single person has their own preferences on thin, thick, arched, or rounded brows. You can then choose to get threading or waxing done. Check out how your brows will look like in our image gallery page.  Both services are quick and painless. The best part of the process is the application of our cooling calming pads on your brows to reduce redness and soreness. We also provide a quick makeup touch-up so you can continue to shop with no worries!

Best Paired With

  • Beauty First Eyebrow Pencil: use this fine-tip pencil and spoolie for already defined, thicker brows to fill in little spots. You can also use this to outline sparse brows.
  • Beauty First Eyebrow Gel Pot: This gel pot comes with an application brush and allows you to fill in barely-there brows with a highly pigmented powder. It still looks super natural while giving you those Instagram-worthy brows!
  • Beauty First Calming Pads: Use these on your brows or the entire face as a part of your skincare routine! It is supposed to be used as a toner to calm down redness or inflammation.
  • Beauty First Brow Powder w/ Angled Brush


  • When waxing, it’s always done with Nufree to ensure no pain
  • Threading has no chemicals or harmful toxins, it’s a simple, quick process
  • Shaping can be customized to your face shape and preferences


  • We use our calming pads on your brows to reduce redness. You can also purchase these and use it as a toner in your skincare routine.
  • Avoid exfoliating, tanning, or excessive sun exposure 24 hours after your shaping service.
  • Avoid tweezing in between appointments; it’s tempting to touch up in between but it can cause ingrown hairs!


Do you do threading or waxing? We actually do both for eyebrows! It’s just up to the preference of the client.

What is threading and is it safe for sensitive skin? Threading is the act of using a thin thread to roll over hairs and removing them one by one from the follicle. It is totally safe for sensitive skin and is preferred by many because of how precise it is!

Can you do just a clean up and not shape them? Yes! We can thread or wax your brows the way you want them. If you prefer to just clean up any stray hairs, we can do that too!

Do you have a list of shapes I can choose from?

We have a diagram of a wide range of brow shapes and styles in every location. Our technician can also map out your brows to determine a shape that would best suit your face and hair!

Add Ons

Brow tinting: $17
Henna tinting: $25
Brow shaping & brow tinting: $28
Brow shaping & henna brow tinting: $35


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