Brightening Treatment

Looking for brighter-looking skin? We're here to make it happen! It is perfect for all skin type!

The benefits of getting a brightening facial are:

  • Gets rid of dead skin ;

  • Instant hydration ;

  • Very Gentle exfoliant ;

  • Brightens the skin ;

  • Moisturizes the skin ;

  • Good for anti-aging, acne prone and pigmentation (hormonal pigmentation, sunburns, sun damage, melasma)

  • Results visible from the first treatment!


Provides brighter-looking skin with an even skin tone. This is the ultimate solution for healthier-looking skin by rebalancing the hydration and activating the collagen production in the skin.

Process and steps

how each step helps
  • Before starting the facial and gathering our products, we do a skin analysis on the client to determine their skin-type.
  • We start the facial by cleansing the skin to remove any dirt or makeup.
  • We exfoliate the skin to scrub away any leftover product.
  • We do a hot steam treatment for a few minutes to open the pores, and then do an extraction of blackheads and whiteheads.
  • We treat the skin with a concentrated serum which activates the collagen production
  • Followed by the serum we use the brightening cream and the mask to help the skin rejuvenate and glow.

Skin Type

All skin types


Have a morning and night time routine which includes cleanser, toner, brightening serum and never forget your sunscreen (during the day)

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